Since 2012, Amdur Bicycles has shared its love for bicycles with passionate cyclists locally.  We have grown a lot since our introduction nearly eight years ago and today we share our lifetime passion for bicycles with you! 


To our parents who taught us not to fear failure but to be terrified of regret.


Growing up, Jesse and I were always surrounded by bicycles. Our father had spent his childhood cycling through Israel with friends and fixing bikes out of his garage. At the age of 17, he immigrated to Canada and his adoration for wheels traveled with him. 


Our father instilled his passion for cycling in us and taught us the ways of riding at a young age. Eventually, as a pre-teen, Jesse started picking bikes out of the garbage and my dad would teach him how to fix them. They would spend summer nights in the garage repairing bicycles and sharing stories. Essentially, my dad provided the blueprints – and Jesse built the foundation of Amdur Bicycles. 


Over time, the business evolved, and Jesse began purchasing bicycles from local garage sales and even got his hands on some brand new bicycles. The latter of which was sold to downtown commuters, providing them with an inexpensive mode of transportation. 


As more capital was gained, we seized selling department store and commuter level bikes and moved into the high-end market. We currently supply our local market with affordable high-end pre-owned bikes, but our goal with this platform is to expand what we do in our city to a global market, allowing us to provide more people with extensive options and quality service when buying and trading pre-owned bicycles. 


We’re not a corporation. We’re just a family business built by passionate cyclists who are committed to providing quality product and the most valuable customer service. 





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