Join The Trade in Partner Network

Are you a bicycle store owner or manufacture looking to generate more sales and offer more to your customers? 

Amdur Bicycles partners with trusted bike shops to provide them with the ability to buy pre-owned bikes directly from their customers without taking any risks or holding any inventory on hand. Instead, when a customer walks in looking to sell their pre-owned bicycle, you let us do all the heavy lifting! 

Did you know that one of the main reasons why customers don't purchase a new bike is because they haven't sold their old one?

Generate more new bike sales

Customers who sell their old bike have cash in hand to spend towards a new one and typically spend nearly 10 times more on their new purchase.

Free marketing & promotion

Once you join the Amdur Bicycles partner network, you are part of our family. We will feature your store on our site and direct our marketing efforts to help bring more people into your store. 

No cost to participate

Join our program for free. We will never ask you to pay anything to participate.  

Gain new customers

The pre-owned bicycle community will be drawn to your store and even used bike owners need parts, accessories, and service. 






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