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If you're located within the Greater Toronto Area, our drivers can pick-up your bike, saving you the effort of packaging it for shipment. The map below highlights our radius for pickup locations. 

How and when is payment provided?

Payment is provided once the bicycle has reached the Amdur Bicycles facility and it is thoroughly inspected by a certified inspector. There are several payment options. - cash (pick-up or drop-off only) - e-transfer - paypal - trade-in (we will deduct the value of your bicylce from your next purchase).

How long is a quote valid for?

A quote is valid for 7 days.

Who covers shipping costs?

We will reimburse you the cost of shipping the bike to us for up to $80.

What are the advantages of selling a bicycle to Amdur Bicycles?

In short, you will skip a lot of hassle! You will avoid dealing with non-serious buyers which will save a lot of time. It is also a safer option as you do not have to interact with strangers. Our knowledgable staff can answer any questions and provide you with advice on your next purchase.

What are you looking for during the inspection process?

A certified Amdur Bicycles inspector is primarily looking for damages that would deam the bike to be unsellable. For example, frame cracks, unreported dents, and scratches, major damage to components. Regular wear is acceptable.

How long will it take to receive an offer on my bike?

We strive to provide every offer within 24 hours.

Can I drop-off my bike instead of shipping it?

Yes! We happily accept drop-offs at our Vaughan, Ontario, Canada location. Monday to Saturday. 10am - 4pm. Please schedule an appointment with us.






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